Best Film – General Category

Rs. 1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate

Best Film –Campus Category

Rs. 1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate

Best Film – By an all Women Crew

Rs. 1,00,000 + Trophy + Certificate

WWW.MODELLZ.COM, a talent aggregation company, is proud to launch its 2019 edition of the MODELLZ SHORT FILM AWARDS (Modellz SFA 2019)

We are accepting projects / short films until 6 p.m. on September 10th 2019. The award ceremony will be on the 02nd October 2019.


1st June 2019

Inviting applicants for the Modellz SFA 2019

30th August 2019

Last date to submit projects / applications

15th August 2019 Onwards

Public evaluation

30th September 2019

Screening of the top 30 films in each category For invitees & Jury

30th September 2019

Evaluation of the Winners by the judging panel

02nd October 2019

Award Ceremony


  • General Category - Rs.500/- 10th September 2019

  • Campus Category -Rs.300/- 10th September 2019

  • All Women Category - Rs.300/- 10th September 2019


  • Modellz SFA 2019 is a juried competition, open to any independent, woman or student filmmaker who is an Indian Citizen.
  • The project / short film must be produced in India.
  • Only the projects / short films entered in the competition by submitting the application on will be considered for the competition.
  • Projects / short films will be considered for competition only if they are of a total running time of 20 minutes or less (including credits).
  • Only projects / short films that are independently produced and financed will be eligible to participate. Films produced, financed or developed by a major / professional film studio / a television network or a professional crew / cast are ineligible for competition.
  • Any Indian Citizen who has made a short film can submit their film for participation in the Modellz SFA 2019 Contest.

      A short film can be submitted under 3 categories.

    • General Category – Any original short film made by any Indian Citizen who is not a student.
    • Campus Category – Any original short film made by any citizen who is currently a student.
    • Women Category – Any original short film made by an all women’s crew / team. Only Actors may be males in this category.
  • An applicant can submit any number of projects / short films for evaluation, but each project / short film will be considered a fresh application.
  • The duration of the short films submitted should not exceed 20 minutes.
  • The short films should be the original work of the applicant. By accepting this terms & conditions the applicant confirms that the submission for Modellz SFA 2019 is an original work of the applicant and that they will indemnify or Future Eyes Media Private Limited from any claim by any third party or any issue related to copyright and the liability is the sole responsibility of the applicant.
  • Only films produced or coproduced in India will be eligible for this competition
  • Applicants which are not compliant with the below, will be disqualified.
    • In breach of the terms and conditions of this contest
    • An project / short film that contains pornographic or adult content.
    • Any project / short film that is derogatory, defamatory or which abuses any religion, caste, creed, religion, community, specific individual, specific governments, or in any way insults, defames or maligns any individual, entity or institution.
    • Any project or short film that carries a message that is non patriotic or detrimental to the interests of our country.
    • Any project / short film which is not the original work of the applicant
  • The Modellz SFA 2019 committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project / short film submitted.
  • An opportunity will be provided to all disqualified applicants to contest to seek reasons for disqualification and correct the same.
  • In the event of the project / short film being disqualified for any reason, the application fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.


Films can be submitted to Modellz SFA 2019 by hosting the short film in any video upload / storage service (YouTube, Vimeo etc.) and pasting the link in the appropriate field, in the online application which can be accessed at

Before filling in the form, please keep scanned copy of the following documents handy as they will need to be uploaded. The documents may be a Driving License. Voter Id, Pan Card, Aadhar Card, any other official document issued by the Government. If a student, college ID card has to be submitted.

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof

You receive an automatic email confirming that your application was successfully transferred along with the access details, User Name & Password to view and edit your application.

Edit option will not be available after the closure of application submission time & date.

A completed online entry form must accompany each project / short film submitted.

Multiple submissions by the same director or producer are accepted, but a separate completed form must accompany each film.

The entry must also include the following:

  • Title of the Film
  • Description of the film (50 words or less),
  • Complete production credits, film logline, director’s headshot (digital, 200 dpi min.), director’s bio, list of previous and planned screenings, and details of all in the cast.
  • Promotional material for the film, which may be a trailer, still photographs etc. By submitting the promotional material, applicant authorizes to use this material to promote the Modellz SFA 2019 in any medium, be it print, digital, social, etc.
  • These promotional materials cannot be returned. By submitting this material and signing the release form, you acknowledge right to copy any material for the festival’s non-commercial use only.


  1. Pre Evaluation Screening by the Modellz SFA 2019 Screening Committee.

    The Modellz SFA 2019 Screening committee will evaluate all submissions / applications to ensure that each meet the eligibility criteria and comply with the terms and conditions of the event.

    Non eligible & non-compliant submissions will be summarily disqualified.

    Disqualified submissions will not be eligible for a refund of the application fee under any circumstances.

  2. Pubic Evaluation

    From the 15th of August, all who are interested in viewing and evaluating the submitted projects / short film will be provided access to vote for the various awards, announced by Modellz SFA 2019 event.

    The public can view and evaluate the films online by registering themselves at link.

    A person may grade a project / short film under a particular award category only once. However they will have an option to change their grading based on viewing other submissions till the closure of the public evaluation phase.

  3. Festival Screening Program, Jury Evaluation& invitation to Film Makers for viewing the short listed films.

    From the 15th of August, all who are interested in viewing and evaluating the submitted projects / short film will be provided access to vote for the various awards, announced by Modellz SFA 2019 event.

    Invites will be extended to the fraternity who could provide opportunity for our young creators, to participate in commercial cinema projects.

    The Jury will short list the top 3 finalists in each award category.

  4. Judging by nominated 3 Judge Panel.

    The top 3 finalists in each award category will be evaluated by senior members from the film fraternity, who may be Directors, Cinematographers etc., who will be tasked to select the winners. The decision of the Judging Panel will be final.

    The winners will be announced during the Modellz SFA 2019 event on the 02nd October 2019.


By signing the entry form, the filmmaker gives the Modellz SFA Awards permission to use all submitted promotional materials, including but not limited to film stills, descriptions, director’s biography and film screening history in any and all forms of media for the express purpose of festival promotion and publicity. Please note: Modellz SFA 2019 may petition filmmakers to use clips from Official Selection Films for both television and Internet publicity. However, Modellz SFA 2019 will limit footage to less than one minute, and will not authorize television broadcast of any footage without the direct consent of the filmmaker and/or producers.


The mission of the Modellz Short Film Awards (Modellz SFA 2019), is to celebrate and encourage aspiring independent, women and student filmmakers. Festival screening program is designed to highlight the creator as much as the work itself.

Invites to the festival screening program will be film makers, producers, TV channels, advertisement agencies, corporate etc., who may provide an opportunity to the talented young talents presented through the short films.

All exhibited films are introduced by a commentator, and filmmakers in attendance are given the opportunity to speak to the festival audiences at the close of their film’s exhibition.

Attendance will be invitation only.


The award ceremony will be conducted on 02nd October 2019.

Invites will be extended to all distinguished personalities from the Film Fraternity, Corporate Houses, Advertisement Agencies, Casting Directors, etc., who will participate in the award ceremony.

A fashion show and entertainment events will form part of the evening.

Public attendance will be for those who purchase a pass for Rs. 300/-. Each attendee will be presented with a silver pendent as a gift.

The venue and event schedule will be intimated to all participants by email / sms and through various media for the knowledge of public.

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